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The ZAGGkeys FLEX Tablet Keyboard & Stand is a versatile standalone keyboard accessory that delivers superior convenience and function for smartphones and tablet computers. Adaptable, portable and innovative, ZAGGkeys FLEX is an advanced Bluetooth wireless keyboard and stand, perfect for maximizing a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

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The ZAGGkeys FLEX Tablet Keyboard & Stand is a versatile standalone keyboard accessory that delivers superior convenience and function for smartphones and tablet computers. Adaptable, portable and innovative, ZAGGkeys FLEX is an advanced Bluetooth wireless keyboard and stand, perfect for maximizing a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

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Stylish and Compact

Bluetooth Connection

The ZAGGkeys SOLO is a high tech Bluetooth wireless keyboard, ideal for use anywhere.

Built-in Stand

The streamlined, low profile stand of the ZAGGkeys SOLO keyboard dock has no moving parts and holds tablet computers securely in either profile or landscape orientation.

Portability and Charging

The ZAGGkeys SOLO is sleek, lightweight, and portable, with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides months of use between charges.

Customized Keyboard

Customized Key Functions

Dedicated keys to activate the special functions that operate the most essential features of your device directly from the keyboard.

Faster Typing

Improve your tablet typing speed and accuracy with ZAGGkeys products. ZAGG's consumer testing shows the average typing speed doubles if using our keyboards when compared to using a tablet's on-screen touch keyboard.

Enhanced Gadget Experience

The ZAGGkeys SOLO keyboard brings out the best in tablet computers and smartphones, enhancing the convenience and function of portable devices.



The ZAGGkeys SOLO is versatile and can be used interchangeably with the Apple iPads, iPhones, iPod Touchs, Galaxy Tabs, Android Devices, and some smartphones. See compatibility section (right) to see if your device is compatible.


There are three different colors available for the ZAGGkeys SOLO. We offer black, silver and white, so that you are able to choose which color of keyboard suits you and your device best.

ZAGGkeys FLEX Specifications

Technical Specifications

Length: 9.4 inches (242 mm)
with Smart Stand: 9.4 inches (242 mm)
Width: 4.8 inches (120 mm)
with Smart Stand: 5.0 inches (127 mm)
Height: .65 inches (12 mm)
with Smart Stand: 0.75 inches (17 mm)
Weight: 6.3 ounces (128 grams)
with Smart Stand: 11.3 ounces (320 grams)
Battery Type: ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth keyboard uses a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
Battery Duration: Battery will last several months of normal use without charging.


Works with Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, Galaxy Tabs, Android devices, and some smartphones

Included in the Box

ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth wireless keyboard and Smart Stand (battery included)
USB to micro-USB charging cable
User documentation

The ZAGG Flex Keyboard uses a US keyboard layout

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Mar 13, 2012: Silicon Republic
"...the ZAGGkeys Flex succeeds in its mission in helping tablet owners convert their device from a display machine for consuming content into a device capable of producing content. Brilliant..."
www.siliconrepublic.com | See Full Article »

Jan 5, 2012: ZD Net
"The ZAGGkeys Flex Bluetooth wireless keyboard is a great alternative for those who use both iOS and Android devices with the desire for a solid means of entering large amounts of text."
www.zdnet.com | See Full Article »

How do I pair the ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard to my device?

     On the keyboard, slide the power switch on. The status light will illuminate for four seconds, then turn off.
     Apple: Select Settings > General > Bluetooth > On. Android: Apps > Settings > Wireless Networks > Bluetooth (to turn on the Bluetooth.)
     Then select Bluetooth Settings > Find Nearby Devices.
     Press the "Pair" button on the keyboard to make it discoverable. The status light flashes on keyboard and the device displays "ZAGGkeys
     FLEX" as an available device.
     Select "ZAGGkeys FLEX" on the device. The device will display a unique code*.
     Type the code using the FLEX keyboard and press Enter. The keyboard is now paired to the device.

*If your device initially asks for a code, create a 4-digit code and enter it in your device. Then enter the same 4-digit code into your FLEX keyboard and press enter

Do I have to pair my ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard to my device every time I want to use it?

No, just the first time.

Can I pair my ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard to more than one device?

The ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard will only pair to one device at a time to prevent the ZAGGkeys FLEX from inadvertently controlling 2 or more devices at once. However, the pairing process is so simple, switching from one device or any other Bluetooth capable device is very quick.

What do the lights and buttons mean on the ZAGGkeys FLEX?

Charging light: Turns on when charging, turns off when fully charged.

Status light:

     Flashes when the battery is low (there's about a 20% charge for two to four days of use remaining)
     Flashes when pairing
     Lights briefly when you turn on the keyboard, and then turns off

CAPS lock: Turns on when CAPS lock function is engaged.

ON/OFF switch: Turns keyboard on and off.

iOS/ANDROID switch: Makes the special function keys work for either Apple (iOS) or Android software.

Pair button: Used to connect your device to the FLEX keyboard.

How do I position the stand?

     Open the FLEX stand and remove the keyboard. The interior ZAGG logo should be face up.
     Hold the top half of the stand to push middle section towards you, while leaning the notched edge forward.
     As you break in your new FLEX stand, you will need to push on the middle section, below the ZAGG logo, to create a
     groove in which to place your device.
     Place your device in the groove formed at the bottom and lean back.

What do the top row of keys do on the keyboard?

The ZAGGkeys FLEX has special function keys to give you more control of your device. Use the switch on the back of the keyboard to select either Apple (iOS) or Android specific functions.

     Home: Displays the device home screen.
     Search: Displayes the device search screen.
     Slide-Show: Plays a slide-show of saved pictures. *
     Keyboard Hide/Show: Hides or shows device on-screen keyboard. *
     Cut: Cuts selected text to clipboard.
     Copy: Copies selected text to clipboard.
     Paste: Pastes clipboard content in selected field.
     Previous Track: Skips to previous track on current playlist.
     Play/Pause: Starts or stops current playlist.
     Next Track: Skips to the next track on the current playlist.
     Mute: Mutes audio.
     Volume Down: Decreases volume.
     Volume Up: Increases volume.
     Lock: Activates and deactivates device sleep mode. *
     Menu: Shows and hides drop down menu. **
     International Keyboard: Toggles between international keyboards (if selected in iPad settings.)
     Back: Takes you back to previous activity. **

* Does not work on Android.
** Does not work on Apple.

How do I close the FLEX?

To close the stand around the keyboard, align the grooves on the bottom of the keyboard with the cutouts on the stand and close. The notched edge should be on the outside.

How do I charge the ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard?

Plug the micro-USB cable into the micro-USB port on the keyboard. Plug the other end of the cable into a powered USB port on a computer, your device wall charger, or any other USB compatible charger.

How often does the ZAGGkeys FLEX keyboard need to be charged?

The FLEX Keyboard uses a long-life, rechargeable battery that gives you several weeks of normal use. The keyboard goes to sleep mode if it's left on and not being used. Press any key and wait a second or two to bring the keyboard out of sleep mode.

The lithium-polymer battery in the keyboard has no memory effect and may be charged whenever you wish.

When not in use for a prolonged period, we recommend that you turn off the keyboard to lengthen the battery life.

Is my Apple Smart Cover for my iPad 2 compatible with the ZAGGkeys FLEX?

The ZAGGkeys FLEX cover contains magnets that may activate the Cover Lock on the iPad 2. To deactivate this feature on the iPad 2, go to Settings > iPad Cover Lock/Unlock and change to "off."

If you have an Apple Smart Cover and do not wish to turn off the Cover Lock feature, you may want to continue using your Smart Cover as your iPad 2 stand and simply use the FLEX stand as a case for your FLEX keyboard.