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HTC EVO 4G LTE Screen Protector

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  Hi-Definition (Advanced Clarity and Glass-like Surface)
  Original (Military-Grade Scratch Protection)
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  Screen Coverage (Coverage to protect the screen of your device)
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Product Overview

• Military grade patented material is the best to protect your HTC EVO 4G LTE
• Unique properties provide self-healing qualities
• Includes free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device

Scratch Proof Scratch Proof

The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to your HTC EVO 4G LTE, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris.

Now you can use that same powerful technology to protect your HTC EVO 4G LTE. It is so tough that we back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, we will replace it for free, for the life of your device. And if you ever need to remove the invisibleSHIELD, no problem; it comes off clean and leaves no sticky residue.
Pen Test Nano-Memory Technology

The authentic invisibleSHIELD film features Nano-Memory technology, which is visible as a very subtle texture in the surface of the film. This superior component of the invisibleSHIELD offers four main competitive benefits:

Durability - Self-healing properties offer unbelievable resistance to scratches and damage, and will extend the life of your device
Coverage - Greater pliability and flexibility allows the invisibleSHIELD designs to cover the corners and curves of your device better than the competition.
Ease of Install - The improved pliability also facilitates easier installation
Drop Resistant - Improved grip makes it easier to hang onto your expensive gadgets
Glare Reduction - The invisibleSHIELD gives your device a slight "orange peel" finish that breaks up glare and reduces finger print smudges, while still creating high resolution screen viewing clarity.
Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

If your invisibleSHIELD ever becomes scratched, torn, or damaged while protecting your device, we offer you a free invisibleSHIELD replacement for as long as you own your device.
"Put on any gadget and protect it from scratches and nicks."
"Top 5 must have gadget accessory."
"Stick with the invisibleSHIELD."
- Gizmodo
"No scratches; invisibleSHIELD passes the test."
- Yahoo! News
"I am definitely impressed by the invisibleSHIELD and I'll definitely make sure I buy one every time a new gadget joins the family."
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"This is a great product that offers the ultimate protection against scratches and scrapes."
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"The invisibleSHIELD is a high quality product that does exactly as advertised."
- Paul Stamatiou from
"We've been dutifully putting your product through its paces and, quite honestly, we're floored. This stuff rocks!"
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"Out of all the screen protection solutions out there, I give the invisibleSHIELD a 100! I even did the key scratch test and the protector is unmarked and my PSP is 100% safe. What are you waiting for? Go get one if you are at all concerned about protecting you PSP."
- from
"I'm thrilled with this stuff. It really is invisible -- you can hardly see it at all as it protects your iPhone (or iPod) from nicks and scratches. After a month of using only invisibleSHIELD to protect my iPhone, both the invisibleSHIELD film and the iPhone look pristine with nary a scratch, scuff or abrasion."
- from
"I rarely e-mail companies with compliments, but the film itself and its precise fitting is so worthy of my highest compliments. In addition, I will be purchasing additional shields for further iPods and electronic gear protection."
- Karl
"I'm very happy with the results after applying the invisibleSHIELD, an I'm no longer worried about putting my iPod Nano in my pocket. I know it won't come out looking like a car crash!"
- Derek
"I was astonished after applying the cover that it actually hid the scratches I had already gotten. I now only wish I hadn't waited and used your product from day one."
- Adam
"I just applied the invisibleSHIELD to my iPod Nano, and my conclusion is your product is the bargain of the century. No Nano should leave the packaging without one."
- James
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is simply what it says: If your invisibleSHIELD ever becomes scratched, torn, or damaged while protecting your device, we offer you a free invisibleSHIELD replacement for as long as you own your device. We want you to feel safe and secure when investing in your digital life, and that you are confident the invisibleSHIELD is the strongest and most durable protection you will find.