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NearField Audio™ speaker. Simply set media device on the top of the speaker while external speakers are in use and the BoostPlus magically amplifies the sound.

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Set And Listen
Near-Field Audio™ Amplifying Speaker

Magically amplifies the audio from the speakers in your smartphone or digital music player with out cables or syncing. Simply set your device on the Boost Plus speaker and enjoy room filling sound.

Product Specs:
     • Wireless NearFA™ requires no pairing or cables.
     • Requires AA batteries or USB power connection.
     • Works with most media devices.
     • 3.5 mm jack for wired option.

When the Boost speaker is in "stand-by" or "power on" modes, simply place your digital media device in the correct orientation on the top of the Boost speaker with the sound or music playing to activate the Boost NearFA™ amplification.
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